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Feel closer with your team

Your team communication is messy and on too many channels. You spend too much time waiting for your teammate to be available or to reply. Closer simplifies your team communication with on-desk video portal. So you can focus on getting the work done faster.
Feel closer with your team
Feel closer with your team
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Rebuild true connections

When you have virtual meetings, you jump straight into the meeting instead of having a little chat before or after the call. With Closer you have all those casual check-ins, water-cooler conversations and work related conversations.
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Be in the moment

We all know how it feels when there are too many Slack chimes and all the time lost silencing those notifications. Stepping away is easier if team knows you’re busy. So when you’re using Focus Mode, your status will be automatically displayed. And for truly urgent things, there’s still a way for teammates to notify you.
Focus time
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Visualize great ideas

With Closer, you can communicate together and sketch together too. Share your whiteboard with your whole team. Sketch your new idea while seeing and talking to one another.
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Share your ideas

Sharing your screen during a conversation brings everyone on the same page. With Closer, you can share your computer's screen with everyone in your conversation.

Made to work beside you.
Not to interrupt your flow.

You already have a screen full of open apps. You spend too much time on Zoom calls. Closer runs on iPad to enable uninterrupted workflow and frictionless communication with your team. Everyone is just a tap away.
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Feel closer with your team
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Tadej Jevsevar

Tadej Jevševar

Prior co-founded and CEO at Chipolo, today >$10M ARR.
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Rok Gregoric

Rok GregoriÄŤ

Prior YC founder (DoubleRecall, YC S11 - CTO) and worked for multiple Silicon Valley companies for past 10 years.
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Philipp Berner

Philipp Berner

Prior co-founded Keepsafe as CTO. Over 100M users, SaaS subscription biz.
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