Communicate like you're in the same room

Closer is an iPad app that puts your most important co-workers on a dedicated screen so you can talk to them with just one tap. We show you when it’s a good time to talk through smart integrations, and intelligent camera AI.
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Amazing things happen when we talk to each other

Move past threads, writing and meetings

Stop scheduling 15 min meetings for everything when you can resolve issues 10x faster.

Unblock each other in the moment with a short conversation instead of waiting for a scheduled meeting.
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Resolve issues in seconds vs waiting on chat replies

Stop wasting your time on waiting for each others reply in a chat thread when a quick conversation will resolve issues in seconds.
Resolve issues in seconds
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Get everyone on the same page in real-time with a standing communication channel

Research shows that teams that have frequent and short conversations to be on the same page outperform teams who don’t.
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Teams that have adopted Closer have 30% fewer meetings by having multiple short conversation through out the day with half the conversation (median) being 1.5 min or shorter.
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Instant communication.

Simple gestures to instantly start talking to each other when it’s needed.
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Flexible group conversation.

Easy loop in other people into your conversation that matter.
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Know whats happening.

See when people talk to each other to make it easy to catch up synchronously

Share ideas and get immediate feedback

Collaborate with your team instantaneously to resolve questions and share ideas in the moment.

Resolve complex problems on whiteboard, just like in person

Pen and paper or the whiteboard is the most powerful tool to help when talking about complex ideas. The power of the white board is in it’s simplicity.
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Move things forward at the speed of conversation vs messaging

Spoken language is about 140 words per min, while the avg person types 40 words per minute. In addition conversations are processed in real time while allow to read the other persons emotions, rephrase on the spot in case of miss-understanding and much more.
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Instant screen sharing.

Instantly screen share from your computer with just one tap.
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Real white-boarding.

Draw ideas on the iPad with a real pencil to share thoughts and make progress on difficult challenges together.
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One Click link sharing.

Get on the same page with one click with our instant link sharing. Build into your browser it works for all collaborative web tools.

Work together, win together

Building companies and products is a team effort. Closer brings the presence of your team to a remote world.

Thrive with the energy of other

Working with other in the same room together is high energy. Closer brings this energy into distributed work. Similar as you’d always run further with a friend than alone.
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Make connecting and asking questions easily

Banging your heads against the wall solving a problem is frustrating. Seeing your co-workers lowers the barrier to ask for help and resolve issues quicker.
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Build human connections and increase retention

We all made some of our great friends when we still went to the office. Its our team that we’re bonding with and that makes us go through difficult times without quitting.
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Screen for people.

Aligning people towards a common goal is the most impactful thing you can do. We believe the people are so important that they deserve to be present at all times.
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Precise availability.

Calendar and native Zoom integration show you your co-workers real-time availability, so you can squeeze in that quick question between meeting.
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See who’s there.

Know when people are available and when you can expect a response?
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Allow for deep work.

Set yourself on focus mode, so team members know that you’re heads down.

Built with privacy in mind

Everyones personal needs at home are different, Closer is tailored to all your needs.

Virtual background in CLoser

Virtual background.

Your home is your castle, and we protect it with virtual background so you can feel comfortable.
Auto protection

Auto protection.

We automatically detect when you get up from your desk or your partner walks into the picture and we blur your video.
Accept conversations

Accept conversations.

Get a heads up before jumping in a conversation when needed.
Filters in Closer

Always look great.

Video filters make you look great, even on a bad hair day or when you didn’t manage to shower before the first meeting.
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Face overlay.

Choose your avatar for the days you feel a little shy.
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Private conversation.

Block other people from joining or lip reading with private conversations. Just like you closed the door before.
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