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Remote collaboration,
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Closer brings all your communication in one place. It's real-time talking and collaborating to build a winning culture for distributed companies.

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A new way of work for distributed companies

Synchronous work

Closer foster collaboration with a workspace view that offers clear visibility of individual availability, activities, and current work status.
Synchronous work

Supercharging Productivity

By reducing average conversation lengths to just 5 minutes, we ensure time is utilized efficiently.
Supercharging Productivity - two people talking

Bringing Remote Teams Closer

Closer bridges the gap between remote teams and offers a new and familiar way of working remotely, getting everyone on the same page and cutting down on scheduled meetings.

Founder's Letter

Every organization on the planet will be a remote work organization in some capacity. The personal benefits in quality of life and the organizational benefits in having access to talent, independent of their location, are impossible to ignore.

But today, working with a tight group of co-workers in the same room to solve the same problem is still the most effective way to innovate. It’s the human connection that gives us the energy to push through, while serendipitous conversations and collective learning from being together allow us to be much more effective and creative as a team.

Having everyone in chat and jumping from one 15-30 minute meeting to the next is not a satisfactory answer to the question: What will the future of work look like?

Initial short-term productivity boosts are fading, and we see the most innovative tech companies pushing their employee base back into a physical office.

At Closer, we believe there is a better way to move forward, one where we can collaborate as if we’re in person while maintaining all the upside of having people work from anywhere.

Therefore, we’re building communications infrastructure that fundamentally changes the way we work together when we’re not in the same room, so we can improve everyone's quality of life while at the same time boosting our productivity.

I hope you join us on a truly exciting journey into a better world.
Philipp Berner

CEO and co-founder