December 21, 2022

From Initial Hesitation to Full Embrace: Vivanta's Journey with Closer

Vivanta provides the fastest solution for health companies to access and use their customers digital health parameters coming from smartwatches and other digital health devices.

The team at Vivanta is working remotely across the Americas and Europe. When they first started using Closer, there was a bit of hesitation among the team about the idea of having a camera on all the time. However, Closer's privacy features, such as the blur feature, helped ease those concerns. It only took about a week for the team to see the value in using Closer for both work and social interactions.

Quick communication sells Vivanta team on the Closer's Value

One key moment that helped sell the team on the value of Closer was when someone needed something from a colleague and was able to quickly ask for it in Closer rather than waiting for a response on Slack.

Laughter and social interactions help bring Vivanta team closer together

Laughter and social interactions, like asking about someone's night out, also helped bring the team closer together and make them more comfortable using the platform.

Overall, it sounds like Jorge and his team at Vivanta have found Closer to be a valuable tool for improving communication and collaboration, both for work and socializing. We're glad to hear that Closer has been able to enhance their experience and we look forward to hearing more about their journey as they continue to grow their startup.